Jockey International is a privately held company, headquartered in the United States in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The Company that would become Jockey International was founded in 1876 not far from the American frontier. It was born with enduring strengths, many of which came from its founder, Samuel T. Cooper, who exemplified the soaring spirit and inventiveness of the people who settled the land as pioneers. The retired minister initially produced socks for lumberjacks, later expanding into underwear and in 1909 revolutionized the union suit. But it was the creation of the first original “brief” in 1934 that catapulted the company into an international success story.

In 1936, Jockey’s Ads in “Life” magazine exposed the brand throughout the English speaking world. Licensing deals followed – Canada was the first in 1936. Britain, Australia, New Zealand in 1938. In the early 40’s Switzerland, Germany and Sweden came on line. 

Many innovations in product, selling, displaying and marketing followed through the years. In the 1960’s the Cooper Company changed its name to match the famous Jockey brand and to reflect the international scope of the brand.